The Team 2010/2011


This team photograph was taken on 31st October 2010 before the Ladies first game in the new away kit against GMP.


Winsford Ladies 2010


From left to right:

Top row: Nicola Bogue, Danielle Lydiate, Amy Hughes, Kathryn Hulme, Emma Johnson, Rachel Stockall, Hanna Hewitson, Kylie Kettle, Leanne Hudson

Bottom row: Katie Mogford, Jay Anderson, Jessica Moore, Vicky Jones, Hayley Mogford

Players missing from the photo are: Sarah Lee, Anna Watt, Lauren Macey, Catherine Southern and Natasha Handy


The Team 2008 / 2009

The team photograph was taken on 3rd May 2009, just before the kick-off, of our last league match against Macclesfield Town Ladies F.C.


Which we won. :-) Macclesfield Town Ladies F.C. 2 - 4 Winsford Ladies F.C.



From left to right:
Top row:  Nicki Cooke, Rachel Robbins, Kathryn Hulme, Hanna Hewitson, Jessica Moore, Emma Johnson, Ashleigh Kerr, Sarah Lee
Bottom row: Danielle Lydiate, Kylie Kettle, Leanne Hudson, Rachel Cheshire, Vicky Jones, Elizabeth Asken