Sponsors and Sponsorship for the 2014/2015 Season


Thanks to the following for their kind support:




Ultimate Communications based in Knutsford, Cheshire have kindly sponsored the Winsford Ladies Team, by hosting the Website on their server, covering the costs associated with retaining the Domain Name and assisting in any additions and alterations to the Website.  The Management, Coaches and Players would like to especially thank Ultimate Communications for their continued support.





KB Haulage based in Northwich, Cheshire have kindly sponsored the Winsford Ladies Team, with a cheque for £200.00.  The funds given by KB Haulage, was used to purchase some New Hoodies for the Ladies Team.






The Old Star Pub in Winsford have kindly sponsored the Winsford Ladies Team, by giving the Ladies Team two Football Cards which when completed were worth £200.00.  The owner Mr Ernie Welch also allowed the Ladies Team to sell the Football Cards in The Old Star. The funds raised from the Football Cards will be put towards the purchase ofsome New Training Kit for the Ladies Team.





Vanity Fayre based in Winsford, Cheshire have kindly sponsored the Winsford Ladies Team, by purchasing and donating a Match Ball worth £20.00.



Now that the Ladies Team have our very own Website, we are hoping it will help in securing further sponsorship and some new players.



However, should you wish to sponsor the Winsford Ladies Team, by monetary donation or offering your expertise or services, then please use the Contact Form available on our Website and send us an e-mail, or by telephoning either of the following to discuss further:



Tony Lee (Manager & Coach) : 07725 308 417


Kelvin Stockall (Asst. Manager & Coach) : 07813 083 857


Ant Young (Asst. Manager & Coach) : 07964 629 402



Please keep checking back, as we will be adding more information relating to the team and their search for sponsors.



Thank you for your interest.